The families helped by the Unforgettables Fund Western Ontario are under the care of the Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre and administered from the Children’s Health Foundation An application is made to The Unforgettables Fund administrator on behalf of the families through a clinical staff member. Eligibility criteria include the family's financial capacity, the overall cost of the funeral and utilization of other sources of support when appropriate.

Expenses that might be covered by The Unforgettables Fund include direct and indirect costs for burial and/or ceremony, and reasonable costs associated with burying a child within their faith. Expenses are capped at $2,000 per family, and all decisions are made through the Unforgettables Fund administrator.

In particular, the fund aims to help those families often categorized as the working poor: while one or both family members may have had jobs, the overwhelming burden of caring for a child with a life-limiting illness has affected their ability to earn an income and, in many cases, left them financially crippled. These families often don't qualify for traditional forms of social assistance because they are not eligible for government-subsidized programs.

The Unforgettables Fund believes that every child is entitled to a dignified funeral. By alleviating a significant financial worry, The Unforgettables Fund aims to help families stay focused on what is important to them: spending time with their child at end-of-life.